Life in Ang Chin Moh

People of Ang Chin Moh

Wonder why our staff chose to work in this profession/industry? Or how is it like behind the scenes of their work. Here’s what some of the staff say:


Since young, I have always dreamed of becoming an undertaker even though no one ever took me seriously. I was in the design line before I made a bold career change to the funeral industry without my family’s knowledge. Though they were initially shocked by my decision, I was able to persuade them into supporting me by sharing with them how dignified and noble my new career is.”

- Jason Low, Funeral Associate


“My life motto is ‘To put in my best effort within my capability to help, whenever someone is in need’, and Ang Chin Moh is a great place for me to live up to my life motto. Due to my old age, I feel that I am not as useful as before, but I will still strive to give my best for everything I am able to do.”

- Sam , Funeral Associate


“I was never interested in the funeral industry. It was only after the death of my mother, where I felt that I wanted to make a difference to people who are experiencing the same pain as I did. I want to help the bereaved family go through this difficult period and be there for them to lessen the pain. ”

- Desmond Yeo, Senior Operation Executive


“ The happiest part of working here in Ang Chin Moh is when the the family give me a hug and hold my hands to thank me sincerely for the work I’ve done for their loved one.”

- Julie Tan, Funeral Director


“ When my daughter first knew that I would be taking up this position, she was very encouraging and also believed that I will do well in my new job. But, not everyone is as supportive or encouraging as she is towards the new industry that I was heading towards. Now that I’ve changed my occupation, I’ve seen a sudden decrease in the number of friends that I contact. I understand that most people still find this industry a ‘no, no’, however, I believe that with time, these people will come to understand why this is an important job to the society.

- Warren Humphries, Customer Service Executive


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