What do I need to prepare for an obituary?

What do I need to prepare for an obituary?

You will need to prepare the necessary documents, the content for the obituary and also the payment.


1. Documents

You will need to prepare the following documents to place an obituary:

  1. Original Death Certificate

  2. Identity Card of person placing the notice


2. Obituary contents

You will also need to prepare the contents of the obituary. Here’s a simple guideline on the details that can be included in the obituary:

  1. Photo of loved one

  2. Name of loved one and alias, if any

  3. Date of death (Time optional)

  4. Names of family members (parents, spouse, children, adopted children, in-laws, grandchildren, siblings, nephews/nieces, uncles/aunts, cousins, godparents/god children, etc.)
    If any family member is deceased, name should be within brackets with word deceased or late, e.g. (Tan Ah Kow, deceased) or (Late Tan Ah Kow)

  5. Location of wake

  6. Details of service and prayers such as date, time and location.

  7. Funeral date and time

  8. Burial or cremation details with the name of cemetery or crematorium and time. If necessary, include a message such as No wreaths please and indicate name of charity for any donations.


3. Payments

After finalising the details, payment will have to be made for the space on the newspaper. Payments can be made through:

(1) Credit cards

(2) NETS, or

(3) Cash (during office hours only).