Coordinating Funeral

Appreciation Gifts

Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors offers an appreciation gift for the families to give out to their guests. We are the first in Singapore to offer this appreciati

Consist of: 

  • 1 white handkerchief
  • 3 Oolong Tea bags
  • 1 Instruction Manual

The Meaning

Ceremonial Remembrance
A cup of hot tea brings out the aftertaste of memories.

Tea leaves are a symbol of love and warmth, encapsulating memories that touch the heart. When presented in return to relatives and friends, the love and friendship of the family can be deeply felt, communicating forth the immeasurable gratitude and thanksgiving of every family member.

Soothing the heart, respecting the new
In time immemorial, the ancients articulated the act of drinking and tasting the richness of tea with the following saying: “Sip Green (呷青),Sip Green (呷青),” Tea leaves comes in a radiant shade of green. With much care and caution, just before dusk, green leaves are freshly plucked so as to prevent the retention of too much water affecting its pristine quality. This is emblematic of the inherent “Shun Yueng” righteousness that permeates the presence of tea leaves. This connotes positivity, but it also fundamentally represents the precipitation of the heart and soul.
With a cup of tea and a heart full of warmth, there is not only a precipitation of the heart and soul but also the presentation and articulation of quiet blessings. In the midst of mourning accompanied by the righteousness of “Shun Yueng”, the grief will gradually fade away, leaving behind beautiful memories that are embedded in the new life thereafter.

Cleansing, Rebirth
The handkerchief connotes the “tear of condolences.” It represents the cessation and discontinuation of unfortunate events in one’s life.
The handkerchief and a basin of water with flowers speak of the cleansing of the mortal body and the wiping away of the innumerable tears of grief. Let the memories and sadness transcend into lasting loving memories. In a mindful and respectful gesture, we pray for the new world and the new life of our departed loved ones.

The red thread exemplifies the removal of bad luck. Let the rough past takes its place in the annals of yesterday, ushering a clean slate.
A single thread allows us to remember the closely knitted relationships we share, but it also transforms our immediate environment, changes our mental condition, and purifies our heart and mind. Let the one who was lost, flows with the wind and leaves behind traces of beautiful memories in our lives.