Grief support

Where to find support when in grief?

Have friends and family members be there for you

It is important to rely on the people who cares for you and not try to be strong on your own when you face the death of your loved one. Keep them close to you and not shun them off, accept their assistance and not reject them. Many times, people are unsure of how to show care or help, you will have to let them know what you need – help with funeral arrangements or just a listening ear.


Find comfort from your religious beliefs

If the funeral follows a religious tradition, you can find comfort from the mourning rituals. Spiritual practices that are significant to you – such as praying, or going to church – can give you much comfort when needed. You may start questioning your faith due to grief, you can talk to the leaders of your religious group or fellow believers of your religious community.


Look for a support group to participate in

Grief can be physically and mentally tiresome, lonely and long process for one to go through even with the people who care and support for you around. You can find comfort from sharing your sorrow with the others who have experienced the same loss and learn how to cope from them or just gain support from them. You can find support from these forums:


Consult a therapist or grief counsellor

If the burden of grief is too much for you to carry, contact a professional mental health therapist or a grief counsellor to help you through. These professionals can help you through these profound emotions and eventually break free from your grief.


You can find professional support from here:


SAMH Helpline (Singapore Association for Mental Health)
Helpline operating hours: Mon – Sat, 9am – 5pm
Helpline number: 1800 – 2837019


S.O.S. (Samaritans Of Singapore)
Helpline operating hours: 24 hours
Helpline number: 1800-221 4444
Email us: