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What to do when death occurs

Whether it’s planning for a family member or yourself, it’s never easy. We have compiled some common questions to get you started. However, do contact and speak to our professional consultants for a more comprehensive consultation session.

Step 1: Contact us at 1800 226 3333 for advice and solutions. We are available 24/7 to discuss and prepare the wake/funeral arrangements of your bereaved loved one.


Step 2: Obtain the Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD) from the doctor.
If death occurs at home:
If your loved one passes on at his/her residence, we will arrange for a certified doctor to go to his/her residence to certify his/her passing on.

If death occurs in a hospital:
If the cause of death is known and natural, the doctor in the hospital can certify the cause of death. And you can collect the CCOD from the ward nurse with the identity card of your loved one.

However, in both situation, if the death is unidentifiable or unnatural (e.g. surgical complication).


Step 3: Registering the death.
Registering of the death can be done at:
1) Any Police Divisional Headquarters, Neighbourhood Police Centre, Neighbourhood Police Post
2) The Registry of Births & Deaths 3rd floor of ICA Building

Click here to view the locations in Singapore to register the death of your loved one.


Step 4: If the funeral wake is held at a void deck, please approach the respective Town Council and bring along a copy of the death certificate and a Singapore Power (SP) services bill (reflecting the address of the void deck) to apply for void deck usage permit.


Step 5: Decide on the cremation/burial timing and hand the death certificate to our Funeral consultant. This is to facilitate the cremation/burial booking.


Step 6: Please bring along your loved one’s dentures (if any), 2 sets of clothing and footwear (used or brand new) for our embalmers to dress your loved one up. If clothing is unavailable, we will make arrangements to provide suitable clothing for your loved one.


Step 7: During discussion with our Funeral Consultant, the embalming, cleaning, make-up and dressing of your loved one will be carried out by our licensed embalmers.


Step 8: Our Funeral Consultants will take care of the rest of the funeral arrangements. Do not hesitate to contact us should you need further assistance.