Management Team

Chairman Ang Hong Hin

Mr Ang Hong Hin, widely known as Mr Ang Chin Moh, is the owner of Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors. Ang Chin Moh is a family business that has been passed down for generations, with Mr Ang as the third generation descendant. Mr Ang began helping out with the business from a young age and he took over the business with the passing of his father. He face much trials and difficulties during the course of his work but his passion in the funeral industry kept him going through. Mr Ang believes that the crucial factor to the success of the business is good service with sincerity. This philosophy in managing the business has enabled Ang Chin Moh to withstand the test of time and competition. Now they are one of the leaders in the bereavement industry.

He handled countless number of distraught families and often went to the extra mile to counsel, lend a sympathetic and listening ear to the depressed customers. With Mr Ang’s vast experience and network, he has made significant contributions spearheading some of the projects that shaped the industry. Mr Ang is fortunate that his sons are assisting him in running the business. With new blood and new ideas, the family business is all set to welcome new challenges and changes that the new generation may bring.