Changing the perception of Death


12 October 2017

Everybody has a fear of death, no matter what race, religion or country they come from. This fear stems from uncertainty and is often associated with unhappiness. But what if we view death as a certainty? What if death isn’t unhappy? What if death simply - is?

According to Plato, Socrates in the face of death, explained his calm in rational terms, saying that if we have taken a step every day towards the destination of death, why should the last step frighten us any more than the previous steps?

Death is inevitable but it should not be seen as a singular greatest fear. It should be approached in a manner which all other fears are being approached.

More appropriately, I think we should ‘convert’ our fear of death to a fear of regrets.

Being afraid of death does not drive anyone to action but being fearful of regrets does. Death is only to be afraid of if you have lived a life that has not lived to the maximum while also not loving the people around you. Being fearful of regrets will be more powerful in terms of driving us to live in the present and live to the fullest.

So, fear regrets. Fear not living in the present and fear not living to the fullest.


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