Clear path of progression = Happier employees


06 February 2018

At Ang Chin Moh Group, we truly believe that our people are our greatest assets. This is especially so in a profession where dealing with grief and loss is part and parcel of the job and we require our employees to be empathetic yet still professional.

It is even more imperative then that we do all we can to reduce employee turnover. One of the key drivers of employee turnover is allowing workers to stagnate in their current role. Based on the study by Harvard Business Review, it was found that workers who stay longer in the same job without a title change are significantly more likely to leave for another company for the next step in their career.

We recently conducted an internal study to better understand what our employees are looking for when it comes to an employer to see how we can better meet their needs. The study revealed that the top two preferences our employees look for are “Clear Career Progression” and “Competitive Base Salary”.

This is especially relevant because just a few years ago, we were experiencing a relatively high turnover rate. Even before we conducted this study, we realized that we needed more structure within the organization. We then proceeded to implement and develop a clearer path of advancement within the company for different roles.

We also created more opportunities for our employees to take on positions of leadership while providing training and overseas opportunities to enhance their experiences and improve their abilities.

Ever since these initiatives were implemented, we’ve observed a drop in employee turnover rate while seeing an increase in the duration of their stay at the Group. When more employees stay longer at the company, we’ve also seen more relationships being built amongst us. This in turn led to greater employee satisfaction since having meaningful relationships also leads to a friendlier work environment.

Given that we’ve always prided ourselves on being a “family”, it’s been extremely rewarding and heartwarming to see the growth of our people who are working together to build the company!

If you’re looking to work at an organization that does meaningful work while achieving growth progressively, do drop us an email to indicate your interest! We’d be happy to have you join the Ang Chin Moh Family!

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