How to keep your New Year resolutions


11 January 2018

With the start of every new year, most people make their new year resolutions with the hopes of bettering themselves and achieving certain goals. Most resolutions are about health (losing a certain amount of weight), finance (earning more money) or adventure (travel to more countries).

However, new year resolutions have achieved infamy because of how often we easily break them – often within the first few weeks of the year! The consistency at which we break our resolutions have inspired countless of memes and jokes that poke fun at making new year resolutions.

Despite the jokes made about it, it is still in essence a healthy activity that can add tremendous value to our lives. We share a few tips that might help you keep your resolutions for a change in 2018.

Make it achievable (baby steps)

Set goals that are easy to implement by breaking down a big goal into smaller, achievable milestones. As opposed to setting a far-off goal like ‘running a marathon’, setting a resolution of running 2km every Monday morning is both specific and action-oriented. The next step is to work that backwards and define an action that will help you achieve that objective. In this case of running every morning, going to bed 30 minutes early on Sunday could be an action that will make achieving your objective easier.

Track it

While it is easy to set goals, it’s also easy for us to lose track of our progress. The best way we can ensure that we stick to our resolutions is to make ourselves accountable. Whether it’s using an app, a diary or a chart, we need a way to monitor ourselves or we tend to lose sight of our goals. Another way of being keeping ourselves on track is to be accountable to a person. Let your friend know about your resolutions and the activities you need to do to achieve it and get them to ask you about the progress on a weekly basis.

It’s definitely a challenge to keep our resolutions and we have to acknowledge that there will be times where we falter. It is even more important in these moments not to forego all the progress we have accomplished by giving up and instead, use it as further motivation to keep at it!


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