Job vs Vocation


17 November 2017

What’s the difference between a job and a vocation?

A job is usually means that you are getting paid for your time. You don’t have to like it, let alone love it, but you do it anyway because you have to. Vocation on the other hand, means doing meaningful work which you authentically enjoy.

At Ang Chin Moh Group, we don’t view what we do as an “industry”. To us, this is the funeral “profession”- one which requires a high amount of dedication and professionalism – where we are proud to serve the community and positively impact them at a difficult, emotional time.
This is why we provide in-depth, structured training for all our employees to ensure that not only would they understand why we do what we do but also equip them with skills that enable them to provide the best service to the bereaved.

While this is definitely not the “sexiest” profession, we look for people with a lot of heart as well as a desire to keep learning. After all, having to deal with Death every day and still retain a heart for the bereaved is hardly easy.

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