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24 December 2017

To most people, there is a clear segregation between their work and personal lives. Most see the office as a place where they simply clock in the necessary hours and leave the office once it’s time to knock off. While it’s good to end work punctually and not allow issues from the two areas to influence each other, having a good relationship with your fellow colleagues definitely makes work more bearable, if not enjoyable.

Here at Ang Chin Moh Group, we place strong emphasis on fostering a familial environment. Given the fact that we have employees working at three different locations, we realized that the best way to create a strong collective identity is to ensure ample interaction between all employees.

Firstly, we strongly believe in having diversity within our employees. There is a good balance of male and female employees and we always strive for racial diversity. Our staff comprises a mixture of all the races and various nationalities. The effect of this is that as you interact more with people of different cultures, you begin to develop a broader outlook on life. On top of that, you also learn to empathize more with people who are different than you. This perspective will even pass on to your children and lead them to become more open-minded and empathetic.

Secondly, we try to reduce the gap between the various functions within the organization. For most organizations, employees in the corporate function have little to no exposure to employees in operations. All our corporate staff will undergo an orientation to get a better understanding of how our operations team carry out their work. Also, there will be monthly visits between the functions so everyone has a good understanding of exactly what goes on within the company as well as the responsibilities of the various roles.

Lastly, we organize social events to increase interaction as well as to let our employees have some fun together. We have organized events from chalets, doing social work as a team to even festive celebrations! Just recently, we had our Christmas celebration where we fired up the grill (so much food!), played fun team-bonding games and had our very own version of Dirty Santa – where it’s like a normal secret Santa gift exchange but with the ability to “steal” the gift that you fancy!

It’s always a joy to see everyone having fun together and sharing laughter while indulging in good times. For us, the journey to create a strong inclusive culture is far from over. While this is definitely an initiative that takes time, it would be all the more rewarding when people look at their time here as memorable and smile at the good times rather than just another job to pass the time.

Here’s wishing all of you happy holidays from the Ang Chin Moh Group!



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