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06 February 2018

Ang Chin Moh Group started with the intention of providing proper funeral services for the Hokkien community in Singapore back in 1912. Our founder, Mr Ang See Karr saw that many who were bereaved didn’t receive proper care and wanted to allow the families to be able to send their bereaved off with dignity, allowing the living to receive proper closure. The company was founded as “Ang Chin Huat Casket”.

Over 100 years of service later, Ang Chin Moh Group has transitioned into a modern and professional service provider and has continued to be a leader within the profession. With the expansion of our services into repatriation and catering to the funerary needs of the Christian community, our aim is to provide all bereaved with equal access to professional funeral services. Additionally, we also established the Ang Chin Moh Foundation in 2012 with the aim to educate the public about Death and the funeral profession while still preserving its heritage.

Despite all the expansion and growth of the organization, we have always been focused on the concept of community. Whether it’s helping the needy with volunteer work, building a strong culture within the Group or upholding service excellence to better serve our customers, serving the community with compassion and professionalism is at the heart of everything we do.

This begins from our recruitment process to the training of our employees. We’ve always ensured that our employees understand that this is more than a job, it’s a vocation. The key values we look for in our potential hires are compassion, integrity, and a desire to serve with excellence. Once we’ve identified that they have these core values, the next part is where professional training comes in to equip them with the skills necessary to provide a high level of service to the bereaved.

More than anything, we believe that the best way we can honor the departed is to allow the bereaved to mark the passing of their loved ones with a peace of mind.

The core value of ‘Serving the Community’ is one that is woven into our heritage and will continue to be a key part of our identity in 2018 and for the future.


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