The fear of death


03 October 2017

With the recent series of disheartening events happening around the world, we should be appreciative of the fact that we are living in a peaceful corner of the world. Death might not be what we face everyday, but it is a question we should think about in our everyday lives.

According to a study by research company ComRes, more than two-thirds of the population in the UK feel too uncomfortable about death and to plan their ‘end-of-life’ matters. Let’s face it, most of us fear death, but what if dying isn’t as bad as we think. We refused to start a conversation and go to great lengths avoiding talking about death among our peers or loved ones. Why? Because it is perceived as taboo and speaking about it may gather disapproving looks and the usual “touch wood touch wood!”. That perception must be changed.

We shouldn’t see death a taboo topic and avoid it because of ingrained superstition. In fact, when we can openly address the topic, we can move forward with our life with more motivation and purpose. This might sound cliché to some, but this simple thought will take you far.

The best way to honor death is to actually live a full satisfying life to ensure there will be no regrets. And openly speaking about death should be our first step in overcoming the fear.

At Ang Chin Moh Group, we have developed an initiative called Talk of a Lifetime which includes thought-provoking questions that will help ease the conversation around Death, which in turns help us to embrace life.

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