HappyUrns (A project by Ang Chin Moh Foundation and Lien Foundation)


09 March 2022

Celebration Kit and Life in a Year Book by HappyUrns

Each year, Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors donates a part of proceeds to Ang Chin Moh Foundation. Ang Chin Moh Foundation is a charity which aims to enhance the perception of death and bereavement among the public, especially among younger Singaporeans through public education, heritage, and charity.

In 2019, Ang Chin Moh Foundation and the Lien Foundation jointly commissioned the Design Innovation team from Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) to carry out the HappyUrns project. This meaningful project aims to encourage conversations about end-of-life matters by using urns as the main theme of the project. As part of the HappyUrns project, customised urns were designed for seven elderly residents from St Joseph’s Home. Each urn was designed to encapsulate the personalities and life stories of each resident, thereby celebrating each of their lives. The urns were slated for completion within six months, but the project was delayed five times because of the pandemic. The urns were finally completed in 2021 and were given to the residents on Dec 6 last year. The HappyUrns team also created the Celebration Kit and Life in a Year Book, which are print resources that help users begin conversations about end-of-life matters with the loved ones.

Read more about the HappyUrns project and view the stories of the seven residents and their urns on The Straits Times’ website here.

HappyUrns has launched an international competition titled “Reinterpreting The Urn: A Symbol of Celebration”. HappyUrns welcomes participants from all walks of life to join this competition and design urns which reflect the celebration of life and introduce a novel and creative way of discussing the topic of death with loved ones. More information about the competition can be found here.

The Ang Chin Moh Foundations principle mission is to demystify dying, death and funerals. In tandem with the Foundation's aims, Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors supports the direction to encourage everyone to understand the need to start conversations on end-of-life matters. As funeral professionals for over a century serving grieving families, we understand the difficulties that families go through when everything is left to the last minute. This unsettling experience can be overcome with preplanning. Preplanning ensures that funeral arrangements are discussed and agreed to beforehand. When the actual day comes, the funeral is carried out exactly the way it was designed to be done.

Learn more about funeral preplanning here.


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