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There are various ways you can handle your loved one’s cremated remains. Typically, Singaporeans choose to place their loved one’s cremated remains in a columbarium. Over the years, there are more families who are opting for sea burial too, where the sea is their loved one’s final resting place. There are other options such as placing the ashes in a beautiful urn and display it at home; keeping some ashes in a small keepsake jewellery; or, transform their ashes into Algordanza Memorial Diamond.



Yes, you are not required to place an urn in a columbarium. You are able to place the urn at home. We recommend you to consider choosing a keepsake urn that looks like an art piece if you would like to have it placed at home. Alternatively, you can choose the sea as the final resting place by performing sea burial with a bio-degradable urn.

After the funeral, there are still other administrative work that needs to be handled.


Tasks after funeral

An Ling (安灵)

An Ling is an act of filial piety by the descendants according to Taoist / Buddhist beliefs.

For An Ling, descendants have to prepare a table to place the tablet, picture, joss pot and daily food offerings in their residence. The offering of joss sticks, drinks and food have to be carried out daily for the next 49 days.


Ji Ling (寄灵)

Ji Ling is the same as An Ling, but just that the tablet, picture, and other items are placed in the temple / monastery / columbarium where the caretakers or monks help to carry out the daily offerings and chanting.

We do not provide Ji Ling Service. You can check with the temple / monastery / columbarium of the niche if such service is offered.



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