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6 Tips to Celebrate Holiday While Healing from Grief

Holidays will now be different with in absence of your loved one. It hurts, it definitely will, the pain from missing your loved one will be stronger during this period. Here are some ways to help you through the holidays season.


Common Symptoms of Grief

Are you grieving for the loss of your loved one? It is not easy to face the death of your loved one. Losing your beloved brings you grief and indefinite pain, the duration and degree of the pain differs between each individual.


Finding Grief Support

It is difficult for one to get over the loss of their loved one with them feeling all empty and loss, and the traumas they had gotten from it.

Find out where you can get support.


How to care for yourself when in grief?

It’s of utmost importance for you to care for your own wellbeing when you are grieving. The impacts from the loss of your loved one could cause you extreme stress or even trauma. Find out how you can care for yourself.


When grief doesn’t go away?

With the power of time, these acute emotions from grief should become subtler as you start to accept the loss and move on. If you are not feeling any better over time, but instead feeling worse off than before, it might be a clue that your grief has grown into a more complex situation.


How to talk about death to a child?

Loss of a loved one is overwhelming to an adult and definitely even more for a child.

So how can you make this talk easier?


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