Inland Ash Scattering


[17 May 2021]

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has introduced Inland Ash Scattering (IAS) as an additional final resting place option in Singapore, beyond the current options of storing in columbaria niches, storing at home, scattering at sea, or Algordanza memorial diamonds.


The Garden of Peace is the first of two government-managed ash-scattering facilities, and is designed as an open garden setting. Designated lanes for the scattering of cremated ashes are spaciously laid out, with trees and hedges between the lanes to accord families privacy, and to provide a respectful and dignified environment for the ash scattering process.


The designated ash scattering lanes, lined with a bed of pebbles, allow the ashes to percolate into the soil beneath.  Families can gather, view and take part in the scattering of ashes in a respectful and dignified manner, within a serene and tranquil garden setting.


Ang Chin Moh Inland Ash Scattering Service

Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors is here with you to make the final part of the funeral a convenient and commemorative one. 



Bus service is provided to allow family and friends to get to various venues together conveniently. Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors staff will be present to make the whole Inland Ash Scattering journey easy and fuss-free.


Let us be there to help you commemorate and memorialize your loved one as you scatter the ashes to rest in peace.


Contact us to find out more on our IAS services. 


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