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At Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors, we pride ourselves on having a collaborative workforce who strive to provide excellent customer service. Professionalism and attention to detail in every aspect of our work is something we all aspire to.

All Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors’ staff aim to continually provide a service that exceeds our client’s expectations and letters of thanks and praise attest to the fact that our dedication to outstanding service is an integral part of our continued success.

Working at Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors

If you think you’d enjoy being a member of our staff, we’d like to hear from you.

Important Qualities and Attributes to be an Ang Chin Moh Funeral Director employee:


  • Able to calmly deal with emotional situations
  • Outstanding organisational and time management skills
  • Technologically adept
  • Flexible and proactive approach to work
  • Value working in outstanding facilities with supportive staff
  • Take pride in everything you do
  • A calling to provide support and serve people in need
  • Must be able to do transfers from residences, nursing homes, hospitals, cruise ships, or any other places where death occurs
  • Must be willing to work varied shifts schedule including nights and weekends
  • Have the fitness level required to carry out the physical demands of funeral industry positions – Able to lift a minimum of 25kg


Job Listing:


  • Obtain relevant information of client

  • Provide good phone support to client esp. during the initial stage of shifting

  • Understand the circumstances of death of deceased

  • Understand the wishes / plans of client

  • Explain clearly the process flow & necessary preparations to client

  • Possess good knowledge of company products & services (casket, urns, funeral requisite)

  • Possess good knowledge of religious beliefs/rituals

  • Good listening skills & with empathy

  • Good coordination with funeral arrangements (liaising with service providers, operations department)

  • Prompt reminders to client & follow up with client request

  • Provide fair & transparent prices to client

  • Visitation of wake & occasional ground supervision

  • Gather feedback forms written by client

  • Review feedback forms & come up with considerable actions to refine the elements

  • Derive customer attitude & trends (sales preference, inclination) through statistics report

  • Uphold the integrity & reputation of organisation


Technical Requirements:

  • Knowledge in written and spoken English and Mandarin

  • Basic computer knowledge

  • Only Singaporeans and SPR need apply

  • Able to multi-task

  • Meticulous and detailed

  • Well-organized

  • Able to work independently without supervision

  • Self-initiative

  • Good coordinating skills

  • Preferably with class 3 driving license

Perform variety of tasks during funeral, such as placing casket in parlour or chapel prior to service; arranging floral offerings or lights around casket; performing traditional customs (drum & cymbal playing) directing or escorting mourners; closing casket; and issuing and storing funeral equipment.


  • Offer assistance to mourners as they enter or exit limousines.

  • Close caskets at appropriate point in services.

  • Transfer the deceased to funeral homes.

  • Obtain burial permits and register deaths.

  • Direct or escort mourners to parlours or chapels in which wakes or funerals are being held.

  • Place caskets in parlours or chapels prior to wakes or funerals.

  • Clean and drive funeral vehicles such as cars or hearses in funeral processions.

  • Carry flowers to hearses or limousines for transportation to places of interment.

  • Clean funeral parlours and chapels.

  • Arrange floral offerings or lights around caskets.

  • Provide advice to mourners on how to make charitable donations in honour of the deceased.

  • Perform general maintenance duties for funeral homes.

  • Issue and store funeral equipment.

  • Perform a variety of tasks during funerals to assist funeral directors and to ensure that services run smoothly and as planned.

  • Greet people at the funeral home.

  • Assist with cremations, and with the processing and packaging of cremated remains

  • Act as pallbearers.

  • Obtain necessary permit for repatriation

  • Prepare and present deceased for repatriation and local funeral

  • Drive hearse/mini bus/trucks and vehicles when necessary

  • Serving families and their guests

  • Observe all traffic laws, rules and regulations while performing duties and are responsible for proper maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle.


Technical Requirements:

  • Knowledge in written and spoken English and Mandarin

  • Basic computer knowledge

  • Only Singaporeans and SPR need apply

  • Able to multi-task

  • Meticulous and detailed

  • Well-organized

  • Able to work independently without supervision

  • Self-initiative

  • Good coordinating skills

  • Preferably with class 3 driving license

Key Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the daily operations logs is accurate and updated

  • Vehicle maintenance administration

  • Liaise with HR department on HR issues

  • Conduct walk-in interviews, handle new hire & orientation

  • Coordinate with suppliers and vendors

  • Assist in travel bookings for customers

  • Liaise with Finance department regarding supplier invoices

  • Assist Consultants to attend to customers

  • Attend to incoming phone calls and faxes

  • General administration of office supplies and goods

  • Other ad-hoc duties as assigned


Technical Requirements

  • GCE ‘O’ Level and above

  • PC literacy and Internet savvy

  • Able to read and write in English and Chinese

  • Willing to work on weekends

  • Experience in operations administration preferred

  • Singaporeans and SPR need apply


Performance Requirements:

  • Meticulous and detailed

  • Able to multi-task

  • Able to work in a fast paced and demanding environment

  • Customer service orientated

  • Ability to present a positive image

  • Committed, self-initiated and able to work independently without constant supervision

  • Able to build good rapport with operations staff, suppliers and vendors

  • Preferably with class 3 driving license

Key Responsibilities:

  • Making sure the alter at the wake is clean;
  • Prepare the alter area for chanting (if needed);
  • Attending to the friends and family of the clients;
  • Topping up the beverages in the fridge and coffee machine;
  • Clearing of the tables after the guests have left and other duties as instructed.


  • Basic English and Mandarin written and spoken;
  • Must be able to handle heavy weights;
  • Must be able to stand and be on feet for minimum 4 hours

Key Responsibilities:

  • Identifying and packing equipment and items at the wake place to bring back to the office;

  • Disposing rubbish at the wake place properly;

  • Ensuring all items and equipment that belong to the company are brought back;

  • Pack the items and equipment properly to prevent damage during transportation and store properly in the warehouse;

  • Driving Funeral Associate to designated locations as instructed.



  • Must have at least class 3 (Manual) license; 

  • Able to speak and write Basic English and Mandarin

  • Must be able to handle heavy weights


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