Sea Burial


Sea Burial is a practice where cremated remains are dispersed into the sea, being carefree and having the sea as the eternal resting place.

This is an alternative to placing cremated remains in a columbarium.

Why choose a Sea Burial?

Many choose sea burials because it provides a sense of peace and being close to Nature. Many also consider Sea Burial as a form of freedom and returning to Nature.

Sea Burial is not only economical but also an option to some who do not want to trouble their decedents to visit the columbarium/ burial ground every year.

Sea Burial – Traditional Scattering Method vs Biodegradable Urn

Traditional Scattering method

In a traditional Sea burial, cremated remains are commonly wrapped in a white or red cloth, and the cremated remains are slowly scattered into the sea by family members.

Family can opt to use scattering tubes instead of cloth to store the cremated remains.

Biodegradable Urn

Biodegradable Urn does not contribute to the pollution of the seas because the material used to construct it can be easily broken down into harmless particles. The Urn is handcrafted from recycled paper and paper clay, it is also hand painted giving each urn a unique appearance. The Urn consists of a biodegradable bag which will contain the cremated remains.

The Shell Urn and The Lotus Urn are specially designed and engineered to float for around 20 minutes before sinking. The duration of the Urn taken to submerge will differ depending on several conditions: The weight of the ashes, how the urn is placed in the water and local water conditions.

If sea burial is to be done overseas, The Shell Urn and The Lotus Urn are enclosed in a customized box making it extremely convenient for families to transport it around. The box and the Urn are able to pass through airport security screenings and can be fitted in the overhead compartments of most commercial airliners.

A sea burial generally takes less than 1.5 hours for a private chartered boat.






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