Ullambana Day 2019


Ullambana Day 2019

Ullambana Day 2019 Brochure

The annual Ullambana Day ceremony organized by Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors will be held on 17 August 2019, Saturday at Teochew Funeral Parlour. This event is exclusive for families that we have served.

一年一度的盂兰盆节之际,洪振茂将于2019年8月17日 (农历己亥年七月十七日) 在潮州殡仪馆, 免费为服务过的家属举办盛大盂兰超荐法会,借此宣扬孝思和博爱的精神,同时传达我们对已逝至亲的思念,也祈祷请万事顺意,出入平安。欢迎您与家人亲临参加,共沾法益。

Teochew Funeral Parlour Entrance

Teochew Funeral Parlour
10 Ubi Road 4, Singapore 408609

By Car


Take Exit 9 and drive towards Eunos Link.
出于9号出口,朝 Eunos Link 方向前往。



Take Exit 6 and drive towards Bartley Road East.
出于6号出口,朝 Bartley Road East方向前往。


*There is no parking slot in Teochew Funeral Parlour. We recommend you to take the free shuttle bus at Ubi Mrt Exit B.
*潮州殡仪馆没有停车位。建议您乘搭我们在乌美站 B 出口的接驳车

By Bus


Ullambana 2019 - Walk from Busstop map

Nearest bus stop 最近的巴士站  – Opp Eunos Technolink (71089), Eunos Technolink (71081)

Buses available 巴士号码 – 25, 45, 51, 55, 58, 87, 93, 94, 94A, 854

Alight at OPP EUNOS TECHNOLINK or EUNOS TECHNOLINK and take a 5 minutes walk to Teochew Funeral Parlour.



Ullambana 2019 - Walk from mrt map

Take the Downtown Line, alight at Ubi Station (DT27) Exit B and take a 10 minutes walk to Teochew Funeral Parlour or board the shuttle bus.

搭乘滨海市区地铁线,乌美站(DT27)B 出口,步行 10 分钟抵达潮州殡仪馆或乘搭接驳巴士。

By Shuttle Bus

Shuttle service is available every 20 minutes, from 0800 hrs.

Pick-up and Drop-off at Ubi Station Exit B Pick-up point.
等候和下车区将在乌美站 B 出口。

Ubi MRT Pick up point

ullambana 2019 - Bingo


【团圆】盂兰节 宾果

 Activity Area 活动区

Complete the Bingo Card to win prizes!

There are 9 activities on the cards you just have to form 2 complete lines to get a small gift and complete all to get a sure-win lucky dip!

Prizes such as travel Osim mini hand massager迷你手握式按摩器, eye massager 眼部按摩器, travel adapter 全球通用插头转换器 and many more! Be fast!

*Whilst stock last.





奖品有OSIM迷你手握式按摩器, OSIM眼部按摩器, 全球通用插头转换器还有很多! 快来参加!



ullambana 2019 - My Life Journal

【Reunion】My Life Journal 


 Activity Area 活动区 

Grab a free copy of “My Life Journal”!

Spend some time here to document the important moments and people in your life. 


ullambana 2019 - WUFL

【Reunion】World Unitd For Life 2019

【团圆】世界联合生命之日 2019

 Activity Area 活动区 

“Death is not the end. It lives on as…”

To many, death is the absolute end: the end of life, the end of the person, the end of companionship and so much more. After all, you can’t see your loved one anymore; you can’t touch their hand or hear their voice. Death seems to bring a big, black full stop.

But death, in fact, is not the end of a person in your life.

Your loved one continues to live on … in you.

Join us in celebrating World Unitd For Life Day as we pen down how our loved ones continues to live on in our life.


ullambana 2019 - instant print

【Reunion】Instant Print


 Activity Area 活动区 

Creating memories with people you love is so important in life!

Snap a photo of today with your love ones and have it printed out instantly at our instant print booth sponsored by Algordanza .

All you have to do is. upload the photos taken to your Instagram with #AlgordanzaSG and #ACMFDUllambana. Please remember to set your account public.



你只需把照片上载到 Instagram #AlgordanzaSG #ACMFDUllambana。切记账户一定要设为公开!

ullambana 2019 - Lotus

【Reunion】Harmony, Lotus


 Activity Area 活动区 

It is known to Buddhist that 8 layers of lotus represents cosmic harmony. Let the folding of paper lotus bring your family eternal harmony. 




(We will incinerate the paper lotus after the event)



Ullambana 2019 - 【Reunion】My Life Journal

【Reunion】My Life Journal 


 Activity Area 活动区

Dragonflies are reminders that we are light and we can reflect light in powerful ways if we choose to do so.” – Robyn Nola

Make a dragonfly knot with us, become the positive dragonfly that brightens everyone’s life.  



Ullambana 2019 - Healthy portion for a healthy kidney

Healthy portion for a healthy kidney 控制好饮食分量,吃出健康的肾脏

 Workshop Area 讲座区

Speaker 讲师: National Kidney Foundation 全国肾脏基金会 (NKF) 

Time 时间: 12.30 pm – 1.30 pm (中文 Mandarin Session),
                     1.45 pm – 2.45 pm (英文 English Session)

Description 简介:

How does my eating habits have an effect on my kidneys?

Understand the healthy plate concept and dispel diet myths while gaining tips on how to manage your diet effectively. Chronic illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension can be prevented through healthy eating. Eating healthily can be easy and fun!





Ullambana 2019 - Dementia Awareness Talk

Dementia Awareness Talk 了解失智症讲座

 Workshop Area 讲座区

Speaker 讲师: GoodLife! a programme by Monfort Care 快乐中心!蒙福关爱旗下的服务项目之一 

Time 时间: 3 pm – 4 pm (英文 English Session),
                     4 pm – 5 pm (中文 Mandarin Session)

Description 简介:

This Dementia Awareness Talk aims to raise awareness and provide information to members of the public who will learn how to recognise Persons with Dementia and how to assist them when needed.


“了解失智症讲座” 希望提高大众对于失智症患者的意识还有如何辨认出失智症患者。 讲座也希望教导大众如何在有需要的时候协助失智症患者。


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