Ullambana Day 2019 Registration Form
盂兰超荐法会 2019 报名表


The annual Ullambana Day ceremony organized by Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors will be held on 17 August 2019, Saturday at Teochew Funeral Parlour. This event is exclusive for families that we have served. Limited slots available. Do register early!

洪振茂生命礼仪将于 2019年8月17日 (農曆己亥年七月十七日) 在潮州殡仪馆, 免费举办一年一度盛大盂兰超荐法会。
欢迎您与家人亲临参加, 共沾法益。



Notice 备注

  • Each tablet can only have 6 names. Maximum 4 tablets per applicant. You do not have to fill in the Ancestor’s surname if you are not praying to the ancestor.
    每个莲位只能有 6 位先人的名字。每人限 4 个莲位。若没有祭拜历代祖先,无需填写姓氏。
  • It is recommended for the name(s) of the departed to be written in Traditional Chinese characters.
    超荐莲位以正楷 (繁体字) 为佳。
  • It is very important to arrange the names of the departed according to seniority (1 - 6) with 1 being the most senior. Please indicate the relationship between the departed and the dedicated by. (Eg, Grand Father, Father)
    一定要依照辈分来填写先人的名字,从1号填写至6号,1号为最年长。请注明先人与拜荐人的关系。(例如: 先祖父,先父)
  • Each tablet should only have names of the departed from the same family. Please use separate tablet for Paternal and Maternal family.
  • Please fill in your name in the “Dedicated by” column. This will be the person praying to the ancestors and departed beloved.
  • Please tick the box if you want to pray for your Ancestor, Still Birth, Karmic debtors of past lives and Wandering Souls.

Applicant Particulars 报名者资料

(If you do not have the number, please contact us at 63404289 to enquire. 如果您没有编号,请拨打 63404289 询问。)

Other Service 其他项目

Registration closes on 26 July 2019. We regret to inform that we do not accept registration through the telephone.
法会将于 2019年7月26日截止报名。我们不接受电话报名,敬请包涵。

I hereby confirm that all information and characters herein are accurate and authorise Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors to proceed with the registration.




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