Ash collection

Ash collection

Generally at the crematoriums, if cremation happens before 12pm, the collection of cremated remains will be on the same day, in the afternoon.

If cremation is after 12pm, the collection of cremated remains will be on the next day morning.


Before cremation, the family will have to decide what they want to do with the cremated remains.

Typically, families will choose from these options:


To place the cremated remains in an urn and have it placed in a niche located at a private or public columbarium.

Booking must be made prior to the collection day. The list of columbarium in Singapore can be found here.


Sea Burial

With the popularity of eco/ green burials, some families choose to go for sea burial, where the cremated remains are being scattered into the sea, to be returned back to nature.


Memorial Diamond – Algordanza

With technology, it is possible to turn one’s cremated ashes into a memorial diamond, keeping your loved one close to you, forever.

Our subsidiary company, Algordanza Singapore, help families to make this possible. 500 grams of cremated remains is all we require for the transformation, and all processes take place in Algordanza headquarter located in Switzerland.

For more information, please contact 8222 1000 or visit


Keepsake Jewellery

An alternative to a memorial diamond, we have specially designed keepsake jewellerys that allows one to place a little of the cremated remains into the pendant.