Embalming & Makeup


Dressing is done according to the wishes and religion of the family or deceased. They can opt for a traditional dressing of “Shou Yi” (寿衣) or Western Suit or the deceased’s favourite clothing.          

Traditional – Shou Yi (寿衣)







Angel Gowns 

We are collaborating with Angel Gowns Singapore to provide babies and still births, who sadly do not make it home from the hospitals, an angel gown made from preloved wedding gowns, for our little angels’ final send-off.

These angel gowns are repurposed from donated wedding gowns and ROM/engagement dresses. Angel Gowns team of volunteers cut them, and create dress patterns in a wide variety of sizes to fit even the smallest baby. The angel gowns are then laundered, packaged and delivered to us.

At Ang Chin Moh Group we believe that everyone deserves a dignified send-off, little angels too.