Funeral Day


We ensure a well-appointed send-off in our fleet of exquisite hearses.


A traditional hearse is made up of several aluminium plates that form the frame around a vehicle, decorated with hand-made paper flowers, stringed around the entire structure with the casket in the middle. At the top of the vehicle, one would either find a lion (a male deceased) or a stork (a female deceased). One can find motifs of animals, such as dragons and phoenixes, images of the eight immortals or depictions of the netherworld and the afterlife on these aluminium plates.


Limousine hearse

For a grand send-off, we offer the limousine hearse that provides a touch of class and elegance for the final funeral journey. The Limousine Hearse is the product of well-thought preparation and customization. Speak to our Funeral Consultants for the booking of the exquisite limousine hearse.