Post Funeral Services


Immortalizing memories

The transformation of Algordanza Diamonds out of carbon extracted from ashes or hair is done through a highly scientific-technological process without using any additives or mixtures. Algordanza believes in delivering the purest diamonds to our clients.


Transformation Process:

1. Receiving Ashes & the Initial Procedure
Ashes or hair received will be marked with a unique serial number.

2. Carbon Preparation
Carbon is extracted from the ashes by means of chemical and physical processes.

3. Graphite Preparation
The carbon is then transformed under High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) technology into graphite. Graphite is used as the starting base for the diamond transformation.

4. Synthesis and the Cut and Polish
A specially high-tech developed machine with a controlled environment for HPHT technology is used to produce the diamond. The period of growth is dependable on the size required. The diamond is then cut and polished to its desired state.

5. Quality control and Certificate
A strict quality control is carried out to ensure the genuineness, weight, cut and colour of the diamond. A certificate guaranteeing the origin of the diamond from the remitted ashes or hair will be issued.