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4 Admin Works To Be Done After The Funeral

4 Admin works to be done after the funeral

Funeral is just one of the many matters that needs to be taken care of when death of a loved one occurs. Here are some of the matters that you should take note of after the funeral of your loved one.

1. Insurance Companies

Inform the deceased’s insurance companies. Beneficiaries may receive payouts from insurance policies, credit, and trade unions or fraternal organisations, etc.

2. Bills & Miscellaneous Matters

Check for any outstanding debts, such as credit-card bills. For bills where payment is made automatically via GIRO, inform the companies to cancel the GIRO.

Where appropriate, contact the deceased person’s landlord; cancel utilities such as electricity and telephone connections, and other items such as safety deposit boxes etc. Give the post office a forwarding address for the deceased person’s mail.

3. Central Provident Fund (CPF) Withdrawal

When a CPF member passes away, CPF Nomination will contact the nominated beneficiaries within 15 working days from the date the Board is notified of your loved one’s death. Nominated beneficiaries will receive:

  1. The deceased person’s balance CPF savings (from Ordinary, Special, Medisave and Retirement Accounts)
  2. Any unused annuity premium from CPF LIFE
  3. Remaining Retirement Account savings deposited with a participating bank or used to buy an annuity from an approved insurer
  4. Discounted SingTel shares

If no nomination is made or it is found to be invalid, the Public Trustee will handle the deceased person’s CPF savings, other monies due to or assets. These savings or assets will then be distributed to the deceased person’s family members according to Intestacy Laws of Singapore.

To know more on CPF nomination, please visit their website.

4. Making a Claim

On a member’s death, the deceased’s family can inform the Board of the member’s death by submitting the deceased’s death certificate, at any CPF office. After verifying the validity of the deceased’s nomination, the Board would invite the nominees to make a claim.

To withdraw the deceased person’s CPF savings, the following original documents will have to be submitted to the CPF Board:

  1. Death Certificate of deceased
  2. Marriage Certificate or Certificate of Making the Decree Nisi Absolute (i.e. Divorce Certificate), where applicable
  3. Birth certificate(s) of the deceased person’s child/children
  4. Singapore identity card or other identification documents
  5. Nominees’ bank passbooks or bank statements
  6. Nominees’ statement of account with the Central Depository Pte Ltd (CDP) if the Special Discounted Shares due to the nominee is to be transferred to his or her individual CDP account

Information accurate as of February 2019.

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