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Common Symptoms Of Grief

Common Symptoms of Grief

It is not easy to face the death of your loved one. The loss will bring you to grief with indefinite pain and the duration and degree of pain differ between people. You may feel that you are losing yourself and going crazy.

There are common symptoms that people experience when in grief although each felt loss differently.

Shock and disbelief
It can be difficult for one to accept the reality after the loss of their loved one. One may feel numb by grief and/or in the state of disbelief that their loved one is really gone. One may continue believing that their loved one is not dead and he/she is waiting for their loved one to come home.

Sadness is the most common sign of grief experienced by a bereaved individual. The death of your loved one may bring you feelings of emptiness, hopeless, loneliness and deep longing for them. Through all these feelings that you experience, you may cry a lot or feel emotional.

After the death of your loved one, you may feel guilty for not being able to do anything to keep them alive. You may also blame yourself for the things you had or have not say or do, or for certain feelings (sense of relieved for the person after a long fight with the disease).

Although the death of your loved one might not be anybody’s fault but you may still feel anger and resentment. Therefore, you may be angry with anyone you can be (e.g. doctor, god, or the deceased) to put blame for the wrong you felt.

The death of your loved one may cause you to feel worried, scared, uneasy and lost thinking about going on with life without him/her and/or the responsibilities that are now left for you to take care of by yourself.

Physical symptoms
Grief does not only affect the emotional state of your mind only, it also torments your physical body mercilessly. When in grief, you may feel your immune system is weakened, constantly feeling tired and body aches.

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