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Finding Grief Support

Finding Grief Support

It is difficult for one to get over the loss of their loved one with them feeling all empty and loss, and the traumas they had gotten from it.

Grieving is a process that has to be gone through for the pain to subside eventually. Grieving period differs between individual depending on your personality and coping approach, your beliefs, nature of death. Some may get over grief within weeks some might take months or years to end the process. It should not be rushed or forced; it should happen gradually over time. Regardless the type of grief you are experiencing, you should give yourself time for the process to happen naturally.

Grief is not an easy process to go through. The most important point to cope with grief is to have the care and support of the other people. It is important to show your emotions when you are grieving, it makes the weight of grief feel lighter. Even if you are not comfortable with sharing, do not keep it to yourself. Allow others to support or comfort you will help you to heal better.

Have friends and family members be there for you

It is important to rely on the people who cares for you and not try to be strong on your own when you face the death of your loved one. Keep them close to you and not shun them off, accept their assistance and not reject them. Many times, people are unsure of how to show care or help, you will have to let them know what you need – help with funeral arrangements or just a listening ear.

Find comfort from your religious beliefs

If the funeral follows a religious tradition, you can find comfort from the mourning rituals. Spiritual practices that are significant to you – such as praying, or going to church – can give you much comfort when needed. You may start questioning your faith due to grief, you can talk to the leaders of your religious group or fellow believers of your religious community.

Look for a support group to participate in

Grief can be physically and mentally tiresome, lonely and long process for one to go through even with the people who care and support for you around. You can find comfort from sharing your sorrow with the others who have experienced the same loss and learn how to cope from them or just gain support from them. You can find support from these forums:

Consult a therapist or grief counsellor

If the burden of grief is too much for you to carry, contact a professional mental health therapist or a grief counsellor to help you through. These professionals can help you through these profound emotions and eventually break free from your grief.

Support from Memorial Pages

With the society being highly tech savvy and practically always online, it has opened up new portals for people to mourn for or remember their loved one, and also to show care and support for those who experienced the same situation as they had. There are now online memorial pages such as Facebook and HeavenAddress, where you can use it as a mode to announce the death of your loved one, and friends and family can come together to pay tribute or celebrate his/her life. With these memorial pages, you can seek comfort from the support messages or condolence messages left by them to make grieving more tolerable. Though social media sites make it easier for you to connect with people who care for you and the deceased, it is still not able to replace the face-to-face connection and support that you will need when grieving.

You can find professional support from here:

SAMH Helpline

SAMH Helpline (Singapore Association for Mental Health)
Helpline operating hours: Mon – Sat, 9am – 5pm
Helpline number: 1800 – 2837019

S.O.S. (Samaritans Of Singapore)

S.O.S. (Samaritans Of Singapore)
Helpline operating hours: 24 hours
Helpline number: 1800-221 4444
Email us:

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