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Why Is There A Need For Funeral?

Why is there a need for funeral?

“Can’t I not hold a funeral but just cremate my body and go for sea burial immediately? Save time and trouble. ” – anonymous.

However, that got me thinking, what is a funeral and why do we need a funeral? Most people hold a funeral because it’s a tradition and also to complete the religious rites for their religious belief.

But we believe a funeral is more for remembrance and celebration, and a proper closure.

  1. Remembrance and Celebration
    The purpose of a funeral is to Remember and Celebrate a well-lived life through the creation of a meaningful funeral. Friends and family will come together and celebrate their loved one’s life achievements, and remember what was the most important to their loved one. Share with friends and family stories of your loved one that they do not know about.
  2. Proper Closure
    A wake typically lasts 3 or 5 days before it proceeds for cremation or burial. This is the best time for one to face the reality that their loved one is no longer around. It is very important to provide this time for the reality to set in and help them in their grief process and move on from there on.
    Many times, when families choose not to have a funeral for their loved one, it is harder for them to move on. There was not proper time for them to sit down to process and accept the situation that their loved one is no longer around.
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